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Rewrite The Rules of Imagination and Be A Real Creator Now!

With FirePen3D, a 3D printer designed and manufactured in India for meeting the growing demand from creative students, educators and designers from across the world, you can now be a real creator and explore limitless opportunities. Whether you are learning, teaching or professionally designing and printing, FirePen will help you to move from the abstract to the real without blinking an eye-lid! Experience world-class quality with hassle free service options that are pocket-friendly.


Position yourself as a Creator and Innovator by creating 3D models of any concept, be it from History, Art, Design, Science or Engineering. Actualize your ideas, create custom designs.



Spark creative and innovative thinking, develop problem solving abilities and energize your class by creating endless opportunities to develop future skills in design, manufacturing and STEM.



Delight your customers with excellent quality 3D Printed models. Reduce your cost of prototyping while rapidly producing variants of your models. Accept one-off design jobs and deliver quick and cost effective results.

Power Off Resume
can start printing with one touch after a power off situation
Color Touch Display with Kid Friendly UI provides an easy to use user experience even for children
Removable Bed makes it safe and easy for you to get access to your creation after printing
Filament Break Detection alerts you if the filament breaks
Imagine Endlessly, Create Seamlessly
We are always there for you
Filament Refills
Place your filament orders for all your printing needs and get unbelievable discounts
Mentoring Support
Discover how you can use your 3D Printer in your field by signing up with a mentor in your relevant area.
Annual Maintenance
Sign up with us for an AMC and we will service your device twice a year to keep it running.*
*Available only in limited locations in India
Extended Warranty
Sign up a Warranty agreement with us and get discounted/free part replacements in case of a breakdown
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